LogforData cassette release

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Logfordata from ARTKILLART on Vimeo.

LogforData is an audio tape composed of several audio coding protocols extracted from a 56k modem, FAX as well as personal computers from the 1980’s. This audio data also contains several texts from online secure conversations between several members of an IRC channel.
The decoding of the content is made possible by linking up a cassette player to a computer connected to the website logfordata.net.
A personal version of the text appears according to the accuracy of the tape player, the swiftness of the computer system and its Internet connection. The tape has 15 minutes of audio data streams per side, one in French and one in English.
The decoded texts give us a glimpse into the existence of a pure data ecosystem, a world where information has mutated towards an independent life form.

logfordata cassette

logfordata cassette

+ logfordata cassette + logfordata cassette +
logfordata cassette


projectsinge, founded in 1998, is a platform of gatherings, a label and a group of artists that evolves between multimedia installation, performance, audiovisual diversion and re-appropriation.
projectsinge is interested in disturbance and media overflows, the exploration of an aesthetics of confusion
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Credits : Jean-François Blanquet, David Olivari, Clément Charmet, Jérôme Blanquet and Sylvain Le Beux
Partners : iMAL, Kawenga, Désert Numérique, DICRéAM, ARTKILLART, projectsinge, MAL AU PIXEL.



janv 30 – feb 15

yi-king session 3

logfordata work


Musikprotokoll festival/Graz Austria.


radio experiment

07/10 – 12/12 π node: Workshops/Open House
09/10 scanner orchestra
The Radio Scanner Orchestra is a multichannel sound performance using various radio scanners and transceivers as instruments. Several scanning techniques are combined to create a multidimensional exploration of the local radio frequency spectrum. The technical limitations of each device and the difference of width of the scanned band determines a score.

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